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An Internet Marketer Incubation Center
For Beginner and Struggling Internet Marketers

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Unselfish Marketer From the desk of JayKay Bak

Dear Struggling Internet Marketer,

What you are about to read will most likely "piss off" a bunch of the Internet Marketing Training "guru" types out there. But it is about time some things get addressed.

With the World economies tumbling and jobs disappearing, millions of people are turning their attention toward starting a run at Internet Marketing for extra money or even a new career. We are also again seeing "greed" raise it's ugly head.

Day after day these beginners are "shark bait" for the peddlers of "The Latest And Greatest Shiny New Money System", designed to line pockets with money. Guess who's pockets?? Yep, not yours. And you can guess how much most of them really care about your success... zilch.

The biggest problem facing many of today's beginner Internet Marketers, is surviving long enough to cut through the clutter & find the basic training they need to create success. They do not need a bunch of "over-priced, over-hyped, shiny widgets" and broken promises.

To address this problem, Unselfish Marketers has created a sort of "Internet Marketing Incubator". A place for beginners to discover and develop the skills they need to stand alone and succeed in Internet Marketing, without the need for more "shiny widgets". We have created "The IMCubator".

Enter The IMCubator to Nurture Your Success !!

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An Internet Marketer Incubation Center
For Beginner and Struggling Internet Marketers

IMCubator is a Six Week "Back to Basics" Video Coaching Series -
Each week you will get access to a new module of videos. You will then have the entire week to watch and listen and absorb the material and begin putting the lessons into practice.

IMCubator is designed with One Goal in mind - IMCubator will provide the core basic principles of success in Internet Marketing. IMCubator is intended for Beginner and struggling Intermediate students, and will help students answer the question, "Is Internet Marketing for Me?"

IMCubator bulletpoint New Modules Each Week: (Over 40 Videos Total)

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Week 1: START RIGHT Module 1 - Begin with what is important in a career online. Internet Marketing is a rewarding career if you treat it as one and do not "get in your own way" or "lead yourself astray". We show you the path...
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Week 2: INTERNET MARKETING 101 Module 2 - Internet Marketing begins and continues with either a sale, a service, or a result. The more of these three you get, the more money you earn. And here is how to get them...
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Week 3: MINDSET Module 3 - IM requires more than just a "fanciful interest" to generate a real ongoing income. Getting your mindset adjusted to what it takes is critical, and you will learn it here...
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Week 4: ACTION PLAN Module 4 - Most Beginning to Intermediate IMers put more effort into planning their weekend than really planning their business. The result is predictable, they fail. Action equals true learning and action is the path to true success, so plan it and do it! Here's how to start one...
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Week 5: MARKETING Module 5 - This is the "holy grail" for getting away from the herd mentality of many of today's IMers. Proper Marketing will get you thinking about your customers and therefore acting on your future. These are the things we do...
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Week 6: OUTSOURCE Module 6 - Bottom line is that "Time is Money", so if you are truly "hungry for sales" spend more time doing than learning and outsource your weaknesses to speed up your success. Then sell your skills to line your pockets quick. Here's the insider tricks...

IMCubator bulletpoint Week 7 And Beyond: It's "Decision Time" people. By now you have seen the inner workings of a career in IM. From here on it is virtually all repetition and sharpening and expanding the tools you learned in Weeks 1 through 6. Seriously...

IMCubator bulletpoint Ongoing Support? Well, you see at Week 6 you will have the tools to control your future. But, during your 6 week Coaching, you will also be exposed to perhaps the most complete IM Training Resource and IM Niche Marketing Supply Source ever assembled. But this is only if you choose that path for later on.

IMCubator bulletpoint For today, FOR RIGHT NOW, answer the question truthfully,

"Is Internet Marketing For Me?"

If you are "unsure", or can answer "yes", then The IMCubator Six Week Video Coaching is for you. If IM is not in your future, we wish you well in your endeavors.

Don't get me wrong here. You will still have a long way to go, and "Yes, part-time is ok to start" for getting there from here. That will be up to you. But, it is literally either time to say goodbye to the dream, or to "Start enjoying your new career as an Internet Marketer"!

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For those of you who do not know me, my name is JayKay (short for a Scandinavian name you would hate pronouncing). I've been involved in Internet Marketing since the early years, and long ago achieved the "proven million dollar earner" mark. Yet I did not achieve it through greed.

Instead, my style of business involved (and still involves) "over-delivering" at a reasonable "unselfish price", which in turn with hard work led to my success. It earned me the knick-name "The Unselfish Marketer" from my peers. And today I plan to "prove it" once again.

For today, and probably a bit longer, but not for long, I will grant access to this IMCubator, Six Week "Back to Basics" Video Coaching Series for a silly "unselfish"

$197 !!

This is truly one of my ways of giving back to tomorrow's Internet Marketing superstars. Not only will I figuratively "give you a fish", but also "teach you to fish, and throw in the pond and the gear to use" by creating this offer.

This may be a "life changer" for some of you, and for only $197 and my usual 30 day guarantee, you have nothing to stand in your way. Order TODAY, before I regain my senses and price this at the $247 to $297 mark it deserves (no kidding).

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!"

IMCubator sealGet access to the first week's module right now (just click the link) and start watching it. If you're not thrilled - ask for your money back.

You have 30 days to decide. As soon as you pay, you will have access to the first week immediately. And in just a matter of hours - yes, hours - you will be ready to put this information to the test. I'm confident that you will be successful with these methods, and I'm confident that once you do, you will come looking for more of my products.

Order any time and you can access your purchase immediately - no waiting.

Yes JayKay! I Want To Learn If Internet Marketing Is For Me Too :-)


I want to know the Core Success Principles of Internet Marketing! By entering The IMCubator early in my IM career, I can learn this closely guarded information to turbo-charge my business and increase my profits

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I am acting FAST -- So please let me take advantage of this crazy offer for just $197 before you come to your senses!

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I understand that I have a full 30 days money-back guarantee to examine The IMCubator Video Coaching. And, if, I'm not satisfied in any way, I'll receive full and courteous refund of my purchase price.

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Let me repeat:
For today,
FOR RIGHT NOW, answer the question truthfully,

"Is Internet Marketing For Me?"

If you are "unsure", or can answer "yes", then The IMCubator Six Week Video Coaching is for you. If IM is not in your future, we wish you well in your endeavors.

To Your Success,

JayKay Bak
CEO, Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.

P.S: Before you ever succeed, you need to invest in yourself. This is as easy as I can make it for you.

P.P.S: Don't wait to long though. The Original Price Point Was Meant To Be $247-$297 and will go there or above eventually. And JayKay is known for unannounced price increases for new members and membership caps that are airtight. Order Now!

P.P.P.S: See for yourself why The UM Vault continues to grow and thrive since 2006, and why the industry named JayKay the "Unselfish Marketer" (then reap the benefits of JayKay taking the name seriously along with other UM Vault Members)

Do NOT Order, It's Included Inside Your Vault For FREE Thai Wai - Polite Salutation

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